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Sony RX100 V photographed a series of RAW at 24 fps! – Pay’s Web

Sony A6500 not the only photographic premiere today. We are also Sony RX100 V, that is, a new version of the excellent and very advanced compact from the Japanese.

Camera series, Sony RX100 when I called iPhone in the world of photography. The market is rapidly changing, but new types of RX100 are still an indication that perhaps in a tiny pocket camera. In this segment low-compact Sony camera every year set new standards.


While it’s hard to believe that just debuted the fifth version of the Sony RX100. The first generation has established a certain standard: a large sensor (1 inch diagonal) and a versatile zoom lens (equivalent to 28–100mm with the light of f/1.8–4.9). The second generation is a much better sensor, swivel screen and Wi-Fi. In the third, Sony has used a new, sensational zoom lens 24–70mm f/1.8–2.8, the pull-out viewfinder digital. In turn, the fourth generation is news in the recording: 4K and slow-motion at 1000 frames/sec.

What’s new in Sony RX100 V? First and foremost, is faster


If we are talking about the most important elements of design, the Sony RX100 V still equipped with jednocalową matrix with a resolution of 20 megapixels. this tiered Exmor RS sensor. The amendments have not changed the parameters of the Zeiss lens. Still it has an equivalent focal length 24–70 mm and light f/1.8 – 2.8.

the news lie in the speed of the camera. Sony boasts the quickest AF system in cameras. It’s a hybrid system, in which focusing time is 0.05 sec. Another record is the number of active zones, which 315. There are also new modes AF-A, which itself switches the type autofocusu with AF-S (single mode) AF-C (continuous). In manual focus mode you can change the magnification of the image. The choice has two ways to view the enlarged part: “area of focus” or “center of display”.


Record mode the serial number, which now allows you to shoot at a speed of 24 frames/sec at full resolution and subject tracking AF and AE. We are so almost on the level of speed movie! The length of the series can take up to 150 personnel.

the Shutter can operate with a maximum speed of 1/32000 seconds and can operate in the electronic mode, whereby the camera becomes silent.

the design is not done when the XGA OLED Tru-Finder with a resolution of 2.35 million points. For this we have pull-out flash with a tiltable burner. LCD screen is also tiltable (180 degrees forward), while still not touch! I really don’t know how it’s possible, even if Sony A6500 appeared touch.

advanced 4K and slow-mo


Sony RX100 V allows you to record 4K XAVC S codec at 100 Mb/s. In Full HD we can record at 100 frames/sec, also in the XAVC S format, but at 50 MB/sec. The image becomes sczytywany with the entire matrix with no missing lines. The video is then scaled to the appropriate resolution.

We have flat profiles color S-Log2 and S-Gamut. Sony RX100 V allows to record one frame of the film in the form of pictures. In 4K mode the picture is 8 megapixels and Full HD 2 MP.

Possible slow-motion the same as in the model of RX100 IV, and so impressive. The camera can record image 250, 500, or even 1000 frames/sec. It can also record in 25p or 50p. The combination of 1000 fps and 25p gives a slow image on the multiplicity of the ‘ 40s!


In the chamber were, of course, Wi-Fi and NFC, and the ability to buy apps from the store, PlayMemories Camera Applications.

Sony RX100 V will go on sale in November this year. The price is 1200 euros or 1000 USD. Again, this is a very large sum, but also the camera capabilities are impressive. Unfortunately, a quick comparison of the specifications in the model RX100 IV shows that changes little. Sony focused really only on speed. For customers this is good news, because it means that a sensational model RX100 IV will now be cheaper.


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