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Alpha-6500 is a new game in bezlusterkowca Sony – Interia

Sony launches new flagship camera with a matrix APS-C format: alpha 650. Bezlusterkowiec boasts, in particular, fast AF, record the number of points AF, embedded in the body 5-axis image stabilizer, touch screen and with a selectable AF area and 24.2-megapikselowym Exmor CMOS sensor.


Sony Alfa 6500

the New camera is equipped with Sony 4D FOCUS system is already known to the users of alpha unit 6300. It combines the speed of the AUTOFOCUS system on the basis of the detection phase with a precision that guarantees the detection of contrast. As a result, the focus lasts for 0.05 seconds. The system consists of 425 zones based on detecting phase technology, and High-density Tracking AF, which increases the efficiency of detecting and tracking objects.

a Novelty in the model alpha 6500 is a very large buffer memory in the photograph, a serial. Currently, it is up to 307 personnel. The introduction of this improvement would not be possible without a new system LSI, which speeds up internal processing.

the most interesting features of the new building follows the 5-axis stabilization system image. The model A6500 is the first Sony camera with an APS-C equipped with such a system. A major upgrade of the internal structure allow you to fit the whole stabilization system inside the housing, whose dimensions are almost the same as in the model A6300. The system allows you to extend the exposure time to 5 degrees, and to use the full capacity matrix panel even in low light conditions.

System vibration compensation works when working with different lenses, including models with E mount lenses without OSS (Optical SteadyShot) lens mount type, And mounted on the appropriate adapter. In the case of lenses with E-mount camera and the OSS compensation of the tilt and yaw is in the lens and move horizontal and vertical, as well as rolls kompensiruet case. This guarantees optimal stabilization in all 5 axes.

the Effect of compensation is possible in a very simple way to check in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen: to do this, half-press the shutter button. This allows you to carefully check and constantly monitor the composition of the shot and its sharpness even if you use the lens does not come with vibration compensation.

touch screen

A6500 equipped with a touch screen, whereby the user can adjust the focus on a specific object by touching the screen. This feature is an important addition to the improved AUTOFOCUS and video recording mode. A6500 it’s also the first Sony camera with the function of the trackpad: this role may fit the LCD screen, and for programming and control image is used then the viewfinder. Swiping your finger across the screen so that you can move the focus point from one fragment to another.


Inside the case is a 24.2-megapixel Exmor CMOS APS-C format, which in combination with the image processor BIONZ X and the newly developed system LSI. The combination of these three components ensures maximum treatment efficiency and an impressive sensitivity range from ISO 100 to 51 200.

distinguishing properties of sensor large size of photosensitive elements and the small thickness of the layer of conductors. Design to the maximum increases the efficiency of capturing light and copper conductors contribute, in addition to increasing reading speed. The image processor BIONZ X and a newly developed system with a high level of integration, improve the quality of photos and videos, and also reduces noise at high ISO levels. The objectives of the new system LSI is also necessary to increase the capacity of the buffer at the photo of the serial.

Professional video shooting

New A6500 is the newest Sony camera with interchangeable lenses, which allows you to simultaneously record 4K video to the SD card. This model allows you to record video in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160p) to the popular format Super 35 mm, when using the full width of the matrix. While recording video the camera reads all of the pixels not matching. As a result, the data collected 6K (equivalent to 20 mega pixels), contain about 2.4 times more pixels than the image in 4K UHD. As a result of their conversion processor is formed using a material with a 4K display exceptional detail and depth.

Used in the body system Fast Hybrid AF provides high focusing speed during video recording. Touch focus allows you to create smooth, professional looking transitions of field. In addition, the user can choose the desired transition speed and tracking sensitivity of the AUTOFOCUS. The camera is compatible with video codecs in XAVC s format. data transfer Rate up to 100MB/sec when you record images in 4K and 50 Mbps for Full HD image means the maximum clarity and detail records in both formats.

Among the other professional video features, special attention should be video recording in Full HD at the rate of 100 frames/sec at speeds up to 100 Mb/s and with focus tracking. These records can be checked and set at four times slow motion, in HD Full HD (25p).

a novelty in the camera mode, S&Q is designed to record video in slow motion and an accelerated pace. The user has a choice of 8 frame rate range from 1 to 100 frames/sec. Because of this, he can record material intended for viewing in a wide range of speeds: from 50-fold accelerated 4 times exempt turnovers. Movies recorded in this mode can be viewed without processing them on the computer.

during recording, you can use curves gamma S-Log. They extend the range of recorded images: if you set gamma to S-Log3 dynamics is about 14 degrees EV. The camera also supports enhanced color space S-Gamut. Both these features mean more creative possibilities in post-production.

the User can select frames from a video and save them as photos. If it turns out the 4K resolution is 8 megapixels and the HD video is 2 megapixels.

the Creators of the new building zmodernizowali its design. Preserved mobility A6000 series, introducing simultaneously a lot of useful features and solutions from the acclaimed A7 series II. Viewfinder XGA OLED Tru-Finder with a resolution of 2.4 million pixels and, as in the model A6300 provides excellent visibility of the image even at the edges of the frame.

the Camera is magnesium alloy body and durable shutter. The tests proved the correct operation of the shutter up to 200 000 cycles. Some solutions of the design work has been borrowed from the full frame A7 series II. Belongs to a reinforced lens mount, a large comfortable handgrip for the right hand, bigger shutter button and a total of 10 buttons, user functions, including “C1″, “C2″ and “C3″. The designers also took care about a better experience when dealing with regulators operating mode and control buttons on the rear panel. Ease of use also improves the Eyecup is made of soft rubber.

the Changes are not spared and software. Improved user menu, which greatly simplifies the search for the necessary settings. There are also two new modes of measurement of exposure: “Light”, in which the exposure is adjusted to the brightest fragments of the frame, and an “average” adapted to measure the average values from the entire image.

the Camera is compatible with the technology of Wi-Fi, QR and NFC. Fully working, in addition, with the Sony PlayMemories Mobile app, available in versions for iOS and Android system. To enhance the functionality of the device, you can use the PlayMemories Camera Apps. The model A6500 also allows you to upload via Bluetooth, data on the shooting location, which source can be the cooperating mobile device.

a New camera with interchangeable lenses Sony A6500 will be available in Europe from December.


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