Friday, October 7, 2016

Apple wins Canon 42. the website – the most valuable brands in the world in 2016 Ś

Among 10 most valuable brands in the world is still dominated by U.S. oil technology and leadership saved Apple – this is due to this year’s Interbrand report. The most valuable brand of the exhibition in the ranking remains Canon. It is known that the best global brands not just adapt to the changes, but they are also their driving force. The Director is aware that the anatomy of growth is unique and related to personal experience; analyse the market situation and internal, have expanded companies into new markets and gather the best experience in the development of the brand and the company,” said Jez Frampton, Interbrands CEO.

Rating created based on three key elements integral value of the brand.

  • the financial performance of branded products and services
  • the role of the brand in wpływaniu on the client’s choice,
  • brand power in the formation of high prices in the market or przynoszeniu enterprise profits.

On this occasion, we recall the story of the birth of the Canon camera

in Honor of Kwanon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy, called the first Japanese 35 mm camera equipped with a slit shutter. In thirties of XX century were two of the best 35 mm camera equipped with a slit shutter was manufactured by Leica and Contax. In 1932, came the Leica II, and a year later Contax I. these cameras were manufactured in Germany, which in those days could boast of the best in the world industry of high-precision equipment, and immediately became the object of desire for lovers of photography around the world.

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