Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Piotr Grzelczak: I wanna get a good game with goals –

Photo: ASInfo Górnik Łęczna

during przedmeczowej press conference Piotr Grzelczak was asked in a particularly good mood in the games against Legia and ” Lech and that meetings with such teams in addition, his motivation.

- of course, such matches do not need to motivate. Everyone knows who we’re playing, this is the best team of our Premier League. I am pleased that Górnik Łęczna is playing well in these matches, and I hope that will take it out the other day a good game with goals and will help the team on the way to winning – praised Grzelczak.

In the ongoing season Piotr Grzelczak held ten meetings with the team from łęczna. In the last match of the League against Lechowi Poznan (1:2) scored a goal.



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