Monday, October 17, 2016

A new virus on Android makes you to take a picture with proof Virtual Russia

New mobile virus doesn’t steal – the user specifies all the necessary data. Making a selfie!

Company McAfee warns of a new version of the virus, known under the name Acecard or Torec. Malware attacking applications in which we provide payments. To enter, maybe because of the negligence of the user who downloads games or programs from unofficial sources. The virus then could a plugin or codec, which, allegedly, we can see some material. Thus, to install malicious software.

Virus selfie

After installation, some applications may report the change of payment method. And, in particular, transaction need to confirm, making a selfie, holding the identity document. Virus asks to take picture of the evidence and on such details as data associated with payment cards or passwords. In short, the user must specify all possible private data. The game includes not only credit cards, but also, for example, social security number, which can be used for the taking of the loan. Moreover, the cyber criminals get a photo-proof.

"Who would believe it?" hard question. Contrary to popular belief, the new technique is not so meaningless. For example, Mastercard is introducing in Europe the payment of a selfie. This type of operation is gradually becoming popular. The unconscious user may think that the app he uses, just became more modern, so suspecting nothing, he would give information to criminals. Mastercard argues that the self, by 2020, will replace the traditional passwords, such scams can be more.

How to avoid a new virus?

Sleep tight can those who download apps only from official sources and from real producers. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, a good example was the Premier of Pokemon Go. A popular game was available in Poland, so everyone should download themselves. It was used by the attackers, who quickly admitted to a counterfeit Internet programs. Thus, by his own negligence, you could lose a lot of money.



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