Saturday, October 15, 2016

People rushed to the bag in Lidlu. Wittchen increased the supply of Virtual Russia

Saturday morning in many stores Lidl there were real crowds. Customers stand in line before store opening. The goal was the purchase of handbags Wittchena. Wishing it was more than the product, despite the fact that Wittchen provided for sales one-fifth higher than a year ago.

Lidl stores on Saturday got the better of madness. To buy one of the 53 models exclusive handbags Wittchena 279 rubles apiece, in front of shops lined up. Left in the Internet video shows a crazy race to the shelves.

the Whole situation is a bit reminiscent of the “commune”. Not only that, the queue lined up before the opening of the stores, this network has introduced more constraints, and one customer can only buy two bags. The difference is that in this time people gnają after luxury, then struggled for basic necessities.

Wittchenem cooperated with Lidl for the past four years. Promotion of products under the exclusive brand appear regularly since then to discount each October. The first time was available only leather accessories, but a year later, Lidl have offered clients the bags.

In 2015, selling in Lidl gave Wittchenowi to 12 percent. annual income! Customers bought during the campaign, in particular, bags with up to 17.7 million UAH. Without VAT and margin of the store.

From the information in the reports Wittchena it follows that this year this figure should be more than 21%. while sales will amount to UAH 21.4 million.

Luxury items are becoming increasingly common in the popular range of discount note and sieciówek. One of the first premium brands, which has decided on such cooperation, he was Italian fashion house Versace. In 2011, Versace has produced a collection for H&M, which included dresses and skirts made of pure silk, jackets of leather, tops of cashmere and pure wool.

Manufacturers are not deterred by the opinion that in this way can lead to damage of the brand. Wittchena example shows that the network of discount stores can even be the main sales channel luxury goods, and becoming more affluent, the Poles would gladly have bought them, holds them only the consciousness that przepłacają. Shares, similar to those in Lidlu give the impression that the price is attractive compared to the quality of the product.


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