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RMF 24: a Trip to Mars is unrealistic? – Interia


Today, 11 October (12:56)

Members of the Martian expedition, after his return to Earth can not remember anything, – according to scientists from the University of California, Irvine. The results of studies conducted on rats show that prolonged exposure to cosmic rays can lead to significant impairment in cognitive functions of the brain and dementia. Article on this topic published on the Internet, “Scientific Reports” of the journal “Nature”. He indicates that the problems associated with planning such a trip can be even more serious than so far assumed.


Members of the Martian expedition, on return to Earth you don’t have to remember

Kalifornijscy scientists have studied the phenomena occurring in the brain due to prolonged exposure to cosmic radiation outside the earth protected through magnetosferę the area around our planet. Last year was first published disturbing findings are present, a long exposure time… even more alarming.

in rodents, which were subjected to wysokoenergetycznemu radiation effects were observed, indicating brain damage associated with disorders of cognitive functions and increasing symptoms of dementia. “For astronauts who have to go in, lasting from two to three years journey to Mars and back, this is very bad news “, – stressed the head of the group, Professor Charles Limoli from the UCI. “Space brings unusual risks that can cause damage to the Central nervous system. Their consequences may appear in the course, and keep a long time after, even through all my life,” adds Limoli and clarifies that we are talking about memory problems, anxiety attacks, depression, or problems with decision-making.

Rodents were subjected to exposure of high-energy oxygen ions and titanium in the Brookhaven National Laboratory and sent later in the lab, UCI. Six months after exposure in their brain, it was discovered inflammation and serious damage the nerve cells. Communication of neurons was severely disrupted, and the results of testing, learning and memory, pointed to significant violations. Group Limoliego also noticed that the animals have issues together with the suppression of unpleasant memories, which contributes to the emergence of anxiety.

Professor Limoli compares the observed animals symptoms for those experiencing cancer patients prone to severe fotonowej radiotherapy. As expected, the symptoms of dementia can occur in astronauts for several months, and in the process planned for the 2-3 years of the expedition. Astronauts working for months on the International Space Station do not have this problem before the most dangerous radiation protects terrestrial magnetosfera.

the space Agency NASA, through its Human Research Program is working on methods to protect the astronauts before this threat. Not have the technical capabilities to appropriately screening the entire ship that the maximum that considers themselves better cover cockpit where the astronauts need to sleep and rest. The second line of research is working on the creation of appropriate drugs that will quickly respond to produced in the brain under the action of radiation, free radicals and provide to the team, although partial protection.

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