Sunday, October 9, 2016

Oculus reduces the minimum requirements for Rift glasses –

it is No secret that one of the main obstacles to the popularization of pecetowych email is the need to have a very strong computer. At the time of the debut Oculus Rifta we need hardware around. 1500 USD, which obsłużyłby resolution 2160×1200 pixels (2x 1080×1200) at 90 frames/sec.

For the premiere of his googles, the manufacturer introduced, however, technology, ATW (Asynchronous Time Warp), through which we were able to enjoy a comfortable VR on the cards GTX 970 and R9 290/390. ATW is responsible for rendering the scene in advance, before it appears before our eyes, but what’s more takes into account the movement and rotation of our head beforehand. The result is the while the “lower latency, more smooth movement and maximum efficiency.”

Now, in turn, during the conference, Oculus Connect, 3 Asynchronous Space Warp (ASW), which allowed to reduce the minimum specs for video card Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 and Intel Core i3-6100 or AMD FX4350 (interestingly, we don’t need Windows 8 and Windows 7 just us). The new technology not only approximated the position of the frame, but, in addition, objects in 3D space, including our tumor and the environment. As explained by the creators of “Spacewarp takes two last shots of the application, analyzes the differences and then calculate the changes in space to predict and create new synthetic cell”. Consequently, the number of required frames per second and is reduced to 45, while the remaining 45 created artificially by an ASW and, therefore, no need for such high performance.

moreover, Oculus has promised that one of his partners, Изcyberpower PC, PC offers VR Ready for UAH 499.



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