Sunday, October 16, 2016

Steam Link will be integrated in Samsung TVs –

Small jar Stream Link from Valve is one of the best devices to stream PC games via a wireless network, allowing us to enjoy the game on the big screen without the need of connecting PC with TV. Soon, however, this process can be even easier, because Samsung intends to integrate the Stream Link in your TV.

Steam Spy show that Valve and the Korean giant has confirmed this collaboration this week during the conference, Steam Dev Days. Given that Stream Link the size of a deck of cards and costs only 50 UAH (plus the cost of the HDMI cable), placing it in the Samsung TVs should not be any problems, and could not significantly affect their price.

while we do not have confidence that this equipment will be integrated with future TVs Koreans, such as connectivity goes other than Steam Controller via USB. So expect more details and announcements of the first TVs with this option.



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