Thursday, October 6, 2016

Apple and Google the most profitable in the world – the Republic

In a ranking dominated sectors of technology and the automotive industry, because there were 29 companies. The rating is based on financial performance , influence of brands on customers and its ability to lift prices and increase sales.

the brand Value of Apple has increased over the year by 5 percent. to 178,1 billion dollars USA (159 billion Euro), Google, affiliated company Alphabet, at 11 percent. to a cash consideration of 133,3 billion, and Coca-Cola declined by 7 percent. to 73.1 billion.

In the top ten were Microsoft (72.8 bn, +8%), Toyota (53,6 billion, +9), IBM (52.5 billion -19), Samsung (51.8 billion, +14), Amazon (50.3 billion, +33), Mercedes-Benz (43.5 billion, +18) and General Electric (43.1 billion, +2).

Among the first 20 companies, most because 14 were American. Toyota is the first Asian on the 5th place, the first European Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton on 19., Swedish H&M 20., SAP 22., IKEA 26 to Zara Philips took 41., Siemens 52., Danone 55., Lego 67., Kia Motors 69., Banco Santander 70., Burberry on 83.

the Last five places were taken by Smirnoff (4.3 billion, -4), Moet &Chandon (4.1 billion), Ralph Lauren (4.1 billion, -12), Lenovo (4,0 )billion, -2) and Tesla (4.0 billion), which first entered the circle. The list was also brand of Christian Dior, taking 89th place, and dropped out of it, Hugo Boss, Chevrolet and Kleenex.

CEO of Interbrand, Jez Frampton said that three American companies took the podium, because “the finances are strong, their brand is powerful carrier of choice, there are also very strong in comparison with competitors”. The top three retained their seats in 2015.

Interbrand founded in 1974, with headquarters in new York, now a branch of Omnicom group, advises in the area of brands, specializiruetsya in the development of the strategy analysis of brand valuation, digital management, packaging design and naming. Has 29 offices in 22 countries.


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