Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This is the final end Galaxy Note 7. Samsung stops production of devices. A big blow to the brand Gazeta.pl

Samsung has released a official statement which announced the final completion of the sale and production of the smartphone Galaxy Note 7.

” taking Care of clients security stopped the sale and exchange program Note7. As a result, we made the decision about completion of production of this device.” – said in a document sent to us by Samsung.

Previously, the Korean giant has asked users Note 7 in the instant shutdown of your devices and return them to the stores. Customers can get a refund for the purchased device or to replace them with Galaxy S7. As compensation, the company offered them a gift card worth $ 25.

Notification of completion of production and sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has confirmed press-Secretary Samsung Russia Olaf. St.

the tense situation

Premiere Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released in August of this year. Phone met with a very warm reception from reviewers and users. Editors Next.gazeta.pl loving the new phone the Korean giant.


Idyll ended with the end of August, when the network appeared the first reports about defective battery which caused its samovosplameneniem. After a series of incidents wybuchającymi Galaxy Note 7, the company decided to stop selling and start a replacement program, 2.5 million devices. The giant, he put himself in is a huge cost, but this solution would allow him to go with the face of a difficult situation.

it seems that the crisis has already passed. Samsung has announced 3 Nov resume sales note’d and 7. It was enough, however, a few days to see regular reports that the new devices battery problems still exist, and y note’d explode. One of them caught fire on 5 November on Board the aircraft company Southwest Airline. In total has recorded five confirmed cases of ignition devices. In the following video you can see one such incident.

the Largest drop of the stock from the crisis

This forced Samsung to make the unprecedented decision. Just two months after the premiere, the production and sale of flagship smartphone was finally completed.

Reuters calculations show that the problems with the Galaxy Note 7 will cost the Korean giant even 17 billion. dollars, of Course, the company, which is estimated at 235 billion dollars. and has almost $ 70 billion in cash, of course, will survive this crisis.

According to the experts, of course, a bigger problem is the reputation of Samsung. That the Note brand already burned (sic!) to convince anyone not necessary. The fact that the crisis in relations with the public may affect sales of other devices from Galaxy series.

the most serious doubt, however, the fact that Samsung never explained what was the problem with the battery in the Galaxy Note 7 and what was their initial reason. It makes us raise the question of whether Koreans will be able to ensure that these problems do not return with the launch of the next smartphone?

This problem seems to notice investors. On Friday, Samsung shares on the dance floor in Seoul lost more than 8 percent. It is the largest one-day decline since the financial crisis, when in October 2008. shares of the company lost 13.8 percent.


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