Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fuchsia – so it will be called a new system of Google –

Why Google’s new operating system? Not exactly new. The company of Mountain View has decided to borrow the idea of ​​Microsoft’s “One system for all devices” and remake it in their own way. If Google succeeds, it will be – as they say – swept.

The idea is very easy, but at the same time extremely difficult to perform. Google is working on a solution that will run the same operating system with the same applications on different devices. This refers to the entire cross-section of devices – from your computer, the tablet and smartphone – up to watch or even the proverbial refrigerator.

Today, Google is developing two operating systems – Android mobile devices and Chrome OS laptop. The success of the mobile system does not translate, however, on computers where Windows still reigns. Google decided to make Android can be installed anywhere. Developed a project called Fuchsia and is based on two kernels – LK and Magenta. The first will be for the weakest hardware devices (eg. Watches) and the other as its extended version – to more advanced.

Work on the fuchsia only ongoing and there is no need to expect that in a few months we will see results. Already, however, Microsoft should have taken seriously the threat from Google. The company of Mountain View can in fact go to what Microsoft can not do with Windows 10. Offer customers an easy and accessible system that will work the same on different types of devices.

In the case of Windows 10 we have problems with action on one type of equipment, not to mention the complete lid release of this system for mobile devices. Sure, people will change immediately from Windows to “Android for PC”, but if Google will do the job well, Fuchsia can become an interesting alternative to Microsoft’s system. Take a look at just a niche Remix OS. Desktop system, which allows you to run androidowych application windows. It works great, and I suspect that if they received more funds for development, could become a very interesting alternative to Windows. Google has the funds and has Android. It remains only a matter of time when you put your system on the market.

Source: The Verge


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