Thursday, August 18, 2016

Intel launched its own virtual reality goggles – Virtual Poland

  Intel joins the race a virtual reality (VR). During the Intel Developer Forum, the company presented its own goggles (called Alloy), which of course make use of Intel Real Sense.

 Intel Real Sense is a technology that definitely “connected” perfectly with virtual reality – especially with the mobile. Imagine a wireless VR goggles worn over the head, which allow you to move freely around the room, and at the same time does not allow this, we came up with, eg. On the wall or on the table. Real Sense is an advanced camera, so the devices can “see the world as people.” It is all about depth perception. But in the Real Sense is also infrared sensor and infrared laser light projector.

 As for the specification, the goggles Alloy is currently a mystery. Versions of development appear until next year, so we can safely assume that Intel gives a little more time to refine the prototype. Nevertheless, wireless goggles promise to be very promising.


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