Thursday, August 18, 2016

Knocked McDonald’s. The network wanted to ensure the health of children, but something went wrong –

McDonald’s rather not associate us with a healthy way of life. The fact is that if you dive into the menu of the most popular fast-food chains in the world, we find there mainly real “calorie bombs”. Yes, we will have also a salad and drink a juice. But let’s face it: ordering at McDonald’s healthy eating still like to buy a water pistol in the store with a gun.

After all, the US network is doing everything to change their unfavorable image in the eyes of supporters healthy nutrition. For many years involved in social campaigns aimed at combating obesity in children. In 2011, the network declined fries added to the set of “Happy Meal”. She is also the youngest a choice between fruit and yogurt.

Eat a hamburger and prevents

Now, McDonald’s decided to go on step further. The youngest clients network in the United States and Canada, who earlier this week ordered a set of “Happy Meal”, instead of the classic plastic toy found in the band facility.

Band “Step-it” measures the number of steps and flickers depending on how fast the user walks or runs. In this way, the American network wants to encourage children to be more physically active.

“Traffic is very important, regardless of age. We care about the welfare of our children “- emphasized Michelle Mcllmoyle from the Canadian branch of McDonald’s in an interview with service Digital Trends.

Health armband bad for your health?

“Step-it” is available in six colors. Or rather, it was available because McDonald’s was forced to withdraw it from the offer only after a few hours of the start of the promotional campaign.

Reason? Numerous reports that the band led to skin irritation in children who wore it. Terri Hickey, a spokesman for McDonald’s, in the interview with the AP pointed out that the network has already launched a detailed investigation into the matter, and the youngest customers who visit restaurants for a set of “Happy Meal” will receive a standard toy.

moment start the promotional campaign” Step-it obviously was not accidental. The Brazilian Rio’s last Olympic Games. McDonald’s wanted to seize the moment in which the eyes of the world are turned to the best athletes in the world, to strengthen your message. In the end, every child would like to be in the future, the second Michael Phelps.


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