Saturday, October 1, 2016

Allview launches a new series of smartphones Energy – Interia

Yesterday, September 30 (13:39)

the Company Allview has announced three smartphones family Energy: Energy, Energy Lite P9 and P9 Energy mini.


the New devices of the brand Allview is already available in pre-sale

All three phones have to have extraordinary service life and batteries with a capacity between 4,000 mAh and 5,000 mAh. P9 Energy was made in 97% of metal, and its thickness and weight is 8.2 mm) and just over 180 grams. In addition to the battery, allowing for 3 days of normal use of phone without charger the phone is equipped with MediaTek Helio P10, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of Flash memory. In addition, thanks to technology MediaTek Pump Express + battery charging time was reduced by 60% compared to traditional solutions.

Model P9 Energy have to ensure maximum security of private information gromadzonym by the user. The new version of “personal” Space allows you to store contacts, messages, photos, documents and even apps. These data are encrypted by a special algorithm and will not be visible even after transferring them to a computer or other device. Access to this section is possible only through authorization of the fingerprint, for model P9 Energy, or password, for phones P9 Energy Lite and mini.

P9 P9 Energy and Energy Lite is equipped with a main camera with a resolution of 13Mpx with PDAF, faster and more accurate focusing. Both phones are also 4G Cat. 6, where the download speed has been increased two times compared to the standard Cat. 4.

Models the Lite and the mini was equipped with a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh and a 5.3-inch and 5-inch display. In addition, P9 Energy mini will have 3 options of interchangeable panels – blue, gold and Golden mocha – which will be sold separately.

Smartphones P9 Energy from today can be purchased in pre-sale. Equipment prices: 1,799 RUB over the P9 Energy, 1,099 per P9 Energy Lite and 899 rubles for P9 Energy mini. Delivery will begin on October 31 in the case of the mini, and P9 and P9 Energy Energy Lite will be dispatched from November 30, 2016.


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