Sunday, October 2, 2016

Facebook introduces new features Messenger and is testing them so far only in Poland

New version of Messenger that should be already available for iOS and Android, introduces several new features. The changes are quite profound.

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New features only available in Poland. The Facebook representative explained that our country was chosen for two reasons: the Poles love to share photos and quickly absorb technological innovations. what the rest of the world uses a new function, depends on our enthusiasm.

What exactly changed in Messengerze? Quite a lot.

first: more virtual stickers

Messenger greatly simplifies the process of decorating photos, different kinds of stickers, pictures and graphs. Library of this type of additives is significantly increased, as well as the way of applying them. The user can place the selected elements anywhere on the screen, and modify them to move on the screen in real time, simultaneously seeing your own photo. Here is a sample effect.

Facebook tests new featuresFig. Facebook

More like playing with augmented reality. In this aspect Messenger gets closer Snapchatowi whether MSQRD.

second: Russian content

Facebook projects virtual stickers ordered from Polish artists. The result are illustrations with is komponującymi Polish subtitles. This is a good solution, the stickers look much better when seen in them a distinctive accent.

New version of MessengerFig. Facebook

third: Messenger can replace Facebook

the most Important change introduced in Messenger for My Day (My Day). The user can choose the life,, which he wants to place in a special, new website. Subsequent events placed in this place forms a kind of axis. Other users can open individual events, placed in My Day and comment on them.

Thanks to My Day Messenger may in some sense replace Facebook. Instead of putting the posts about what we are doing we can inform important events to the selected persons.

After the launch of the Messenger above the list of contacts will see a new icon that allows to use the innovation. Under one of them hiding a video tutorial.


FacebookFig. Facebook

the Update is already available

Update Messenger should already be available, however, it is possible that some users will have to wait a bit able to download. Facebook asks for patience.


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