Sunday, October 2, 2016

Joachim löw against increasing the number of teams in the football world Cup

Photo: AFP FBL-WC-2018-NOR-GER

In an interview with “Welt am Sonntag” 56-year-old LEU noted that he understood the ambitions of small countries that the expansion formula of the world Cup want to get into the elite, but pay attention that it will lead to a decrease in the level of sports skills.

- in addition to great football, because you can pierce gradually, he added.

As stressed as important as your level of health players.

“Physical and mental borders of the stamina of players has been reached. We all need to understand that the increase in loads in the long run will affect their health and the level at which they were able to demonstrate on the field,” said.

About the world Cup to 40 teams, that some time appears in the statements of prominent figures of the FIFA. According to the Manager of the world Federation from February, the Swiss Countryside Infantino possible, starting from 2026. This issue should be raised during a scheduled on 13-14 October meeting of the Board of FIFA, the body that the recent reform has replaced the Executive Committee.


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