Sunday, October 2, 2016

Residents Rożnowa in gmina grudki-nad-dunajcem can already drink water

- Only after examination of water samples found that there is no nablyudenij standards E. coli bacteria. Thus made water for consumption, – said Joseph, Jacob, voit commune grudki over the Dunajec. Don’t worry the water can drink Tropia and the residents of the village Lush. In other localities, the ban is still in force.

Recall that this is another Scam from contaminated water in this sądeckiej municipality. In early September, E. coli bacteria discovered in Tropiu. The company Dunajec, which manages municipal wodociągiem not reported, however, about the inhabitants. Three weeks later, when the network was cleaned with water literally pulled out of a few people. This week, the contamination discovered in other localities.

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