Saturday, October 1, 2016

Here are the new features in Messengerze. Available only in Poland – Softonet

Facebook is incredibly surprised us with the message that another branch of their social functions in Messengerze is going to test the Vistula river. And… just by the Vistula river. In addition, a representative of Facebook said that this sudden decision is not random, because the Poles are very willing to exchange photos and absorb new technologies. That is why we have become the testers of new solutions, which will be available to a wider audience, if positively they are evaluated.

My Day is not that other, as a true copy of the signed Snapchata… Messengerze. Many of you may have noticed in their devices updated appearance of the Communicator, which is now stronger focus on the materials in the form of pictures with labels and inscriptions – that is, in a similar style as it’s happening. Moreover, the update improves the number of stickers to the new one which was designed by Polish artists, and they will be better to start next, where our realities. The function of ” My Day, if positively evaluated Polish users may soon get to a wide audience, which will make your Communicator from Mark Zuckerberg will be a smaller version of the social network Facebook.

And in the section responsible for the function of ” My Day you can either choose a template for your activities in the form of pictures with labels, or to create their own content. The choice has a lot of overhead for our photos and videos – you can find a separate repository for such labels. Everything is exactly the same as and? then you can put the image created in your personal flow of My Day, or send in addition to friends. The answers to these contents appear in typical conversations on Messengerze, and they are accordingly marked.

Interface Messenger Day

At this moment a Messenger with the function of My Day are not yet available to all users. On Android it seems that the implementation is much more efficient, but some people using iOS, misleading, still, it has not yet received the update containing the new feature. However, it can be expected at any time. But it is not known how long the trials before it will be available to a wide audience.

we Noticed, however, that Messenger version with My Day can sometimes “hooking” and besides, the stability of the application, not on a very high level. The software has often problems with the download of the data flow, or our contacts in Messengerze that may be a bit annoying interested in My Day users. However, we are confident that Facebook will fix it with upcoming updates to applications.

Interface Messenger Day

it is also Interesting over zasadnością the introduction of Messenger My Day. This, of course, the response to the activities of Snapchata, but it is hard to imagine that Facebook in this field will be a worthy opponent for this giant in the question of content with pictures. Those people who have loved this form of interaction with other users long okopali yourself? and we don’t see the possibility that the balance of power has changed. The course Facebook can be while adverse to the application itself, which until recently were considered to be too “swollen”. Indeed, the Messenger, on the contrary, is bursting at the seams with subsequent adding of the function. It’s not only affects the clutter in the app itself, but on zasobożerność (prądożerność) on a mobile device.


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