Saturday, October 1, 2016

Inconvenience to the “national 7″ and Katowice route. The protest will block the way –

Friday, September 30, the protesters will appear in two settlements. At 14 o’clock will come to the way family heirlooms on Mazovia. I was standing on the straps will allow you to block the movement on “national 7″. Promotion is organized by a Social Group, Coordinating “Kozienice-Oltarzew”. An hour later, the demonstration will also begin in the city Branch. The participants will appear at the intersection Chełmońskiego and Sunny. The problem will be the drivers that control the main route katowickim.

for those travelling from Warsaw police will be directed to a detour in the Marina, then Bear in Adamowizny St., then left onto St. Radziejowicką in Janinowie and continue on 579 to Radziejowic where you can return to the Express road S-8.

Moving in the direction of Warsaw have the opportunity to pre-departure in the host City and continue on route 50 to highway A-2 or site-Radziejowice at No. 579 at Grodzisk Maz. motorway A-2. Walking along the road, S-8, which does not benefit from the pre-change route, drive to the village of a Large block of Ice from where they must return for/in nodes. Both protests will end in 19 hours.

Why Warsaw residents of the municipalities decided to take to the streets? Oppose the construction of high voltage 2x400kV Kozienice-Oltarzew. – In Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries, the minimum distance for power lines of high voltages from residential buildings is 600-800 meters. Setting these rules were taken into account not only the intensity of the electromagnetic field(for example, the Swedish limit of 0.4 of the magnetic field), but also the risk of natural disasters and terrorist attacks. In the fall of the cables of 400,000 Volts to ground creates a voltage stepper, which kills living beings within a radius of several hundred meters. School of family heirlooms. Tarczyn), Olkowicach. Promna), Josephine. GABA Will), and a kindergarten in the municipality of Grojec is located in 200-300 meters from planned line. Vicinity of the upper voltage line is not recommended for people with heart disease and the cardiovascular system (cardiac pacemaker). There are long-term negative effects of such lines on health continues to collect data about the risk of cancer, neurological diseases, immune system, brain, etc. – said the protesters.

As added, 8 of thousands of residents opposing the construction of the line took part in the March, which took place on February 22 from the Ministry of Energy under the Prime Minister’s Office in Warsaw. However, they failed to meet with either Beate with an Awl, or with Peter Naimskim, the Government Commissioner for Strategic Energy Infrastructure. – We were deceived and zlekceważeni – said the protesters.

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