Monday, October 3, 2016

Medical Nobel for his discovery of the mechanisms of autophagy Yoshinori Ohsumi for Virtual Russia

• Japanese scientist working in Tokyo Institute of Technology
• 2016 Nobel in medicine and physiology is 8 million Swedish kronor (approx. 850 thousand euros)
• 71-year-old awarded for studies of the process autofagi, that is “cleaning cells”
• the Decision was announced in Solna near Stockholm, where Karolinska Institute

this Year’s laureate uncovered the mechanism of autophagy (autofagocytozy), which consists in digestion through the cell dead or damaged elements of its structure, is called, in common parlance, scientists “clean”.

There he is in all organisms, contains the nucleus of the cells (the so-called eukariontów). Occurs both in cells of healthy and pathological. This mechanism is used, especially in the period of lack of nutrients. The cell then supports mainly the processes necessary for life, but the energy receives from unnecessary items.

Open Yoshinori Ohsumi’ego “has led to the emergence of a new paradigm in the way of understanding how the cells are recycled its contents” – justified its decision by the Nobel Committee. The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden evaluated the Japanese in particular spent in 90-e years. “brilliant experiments.”

“His discoveries paved the way for the understanding of many physiological processes such as adaptation to starvation or a reaction to infection”, – stated in the explanatory Memorandum.

the 71-year-old Yoshinori Ohsumi 23. Nobel Prize winner, was born in Japan, and the sixth Japanese laureate of the prize in physiology and medicine.

the Prize in physiology or medicine is the first of the awards that the Nobel Committee recognized in 2016. Was awarded immediately after 107. Still was on it a total of 211 people. In the past the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to scientists, by the way, for the discovery of the HIV virus, insulin, penicillin, the structure of DNA or blood group.

the height of the prize is eight million Swedish kroner, more than 830 thousand euros. In addition, the awarded person receives a diploma and a medal. The Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine recognizes the Karolinska Institute is considered the most prestigious medical University in Sweden.

Tuesday will be declared winners in physics.

the award Ceremony will take place in December in Stockholm.


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