Monday, October 3, 2016

A new, terrible virus on Facebook. Uses your picture. Don’t be fooled –

a Trusted Third Party reports about a new threat that lies in wait for users of Facebook. Cybercriminals have created a new dangerous virus that is distributed via the website.

How the virus works?

New virus wanders in FacebookFig. Flickr

Malicious program extracts from a profile of the victim and her picture, and then apply the icon to play the movie. A short text containing the name of the victim, and inserts links to record. When clicked the user goes to the site imitującego YouTube. The website says that to view the movie you must install a special extension.

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FałShiva! YouTubeFig. Flickr

a Trusted Third Party explains that the addition of the Chrome extension leads to extension of the infection. Victims will be our friends. Therefore, it is better not to resist the temptation to believe that someone has placed a mysterious record with our personality.


the aim of the criminals is not the infection itself. The virus can lead to websites that urge to buy a paid SMS services are used to get personal data. The intentions of the criminals are much more dangerous than watching the movie with us.


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