Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another infection Samsung? Apparently, this time exploded washing machine – Virtual Russia

Samsung no reason for joy. In the media there is another information, this time we are talking about exploding cars. These reports confirmed the U.S. Agency that cares about the safety of consumers, spending also a warning before a washing machine from this manufacturer.

the Problem for some devices which were manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016. Defective machines were sold in Australia and the United States.

Affected so I describe the situation: – the Sound was like a bomb explosion, and the force was so great that the washing machine broke through the wall.

What is the Samsung? The manufacturer believes that the problem only affects models that are loaded from the top. It is recommended to use only the selected wash programs – reports

we are talking about the wash program for delicate fabrics, especially in the case of placement in the device of sheets or items of large size or those made of waterproof material. there were No reported incidents during use of this mode. It should be emphasized that users of Samsung done safely hundreds of millions of washings, starting in 2011, – adds Samsung.

Samsung has prepared for its clients a website where you can check whether their device is potentially dangerous. You only need to specify the serial numbers of your washer that are on the back side of the door. View the website here.


in addition, the manufacturer has problems with wybuchającymi phones Galaxy Note 7 – this model was withdrawn from sale exploded in the battery. About it we wrote earlier.


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