Monday, September 26, 2016

Snapchat is no longer in the chat. Introduced the first device –

Smart glasses Glasses is the first product presented Snapchata. By the way, release the company announced that it changed its name to Snap. And that he ceases to be the Creator of the software. Becoming a hardware manufacturer.

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Twist round video

Device, which will cost approx. 130. can be used to create kilkusekundowych video. Stand will be the format of the frames should be… round. Absolutely, as glasses. First, go to testers, and then to complete the allocation.

Camera reinvented

why do people have such a gadget? According to the head Snapchata important thing: interactivity.

Photo-based connection to the Internet, then Yes, indeed, re-wynaliezenie camera.

, concluded Evan Spiegel, the head Snapchata, quoted by Fortune.

Gadgets without zadęcia

Snapchat understands that his device is, in principle, nothing special, no showing. Points is just a cool gadget that allows you to shoot awesome videos. The device complements traditional smartphone. But its creators are not trying to make philosophy for the simple product. Snapchat is, after all, aimed at the young, and they really felt on any misconceptions.

mark Zuckerberg, who likened the Messenger to his rival, there is another reason for concern. The smaller players have proved that better understands the needs of young users.


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