Thursday, September 22, 2016

The cost of the items the iPhone 7 32GB-220 UAH, the price is given – 649 USD

Given the production costs in the amount of $ 5, the total cost of producing the iPhone 7 224,8 increases to the dollar. Meanwhile, the smartphone with 32 GB of storage currently costs $ 649 (without a contract with the operator). the Poland the price of this version is 3349 RUB.

the most Expensive node that is equipped with iPhone 7 32GB, display (43 USD). The cost of the processor is 26.9 per dollar, the NAND flash with 32 GB memory and 2 GB SDRAM – 16.4 dollar, and both cameras 19.9 dollar.

Among the manufacturers of the individual components, used in the smartphone are companies such as Intel, TDK, Broadcom, Skyworks, SK Hynix, Samsung Semiconductor and Cirrus Logic.

Author: km.

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