Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fund, Mark Zuckerberg, will allocate 3 billion dollars to fight the disease – Virtual Russia

mark Zuckerberg since his company is involved in charitable activities. The head of Facebook has decided to allocate 3 billion dollars to fight the disease. We set ourselves a goal: we want to fight the diseases that the children experience. We believe that the future for them, we want possible. – said during a press conference in San Francisco.

during transmitowanej on Facebook special of the conference, the founder of the most popular social network, together with his wife said that in the next 10 years will give money for the treatment, prevention and how to cope with all the diseases that we experience as children.”

Based marriage Zuckerbergów Fund Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, do not want how to cure children of all diseases in the world. Priscilla explained that they do not care that they were sick much less than now. And we intend to achieve this goal by the year 2100.

- we Spend 50 times more money on treating people, than to accuse new drugs. We can do it better, ” summed up mark. Part of the money – $ 600 million – will be aimed at creation and development of the Biohub project. Brings together three prestigious universities – Stanford, Berkeley and California – and is aimed at developing tools that serve the diagnosis and treatment of known diseases. Chen assured that the Fund intends to cooperate with experts in this field – universities, doctors, scientists, and engineers.

– This is another philanthropic decision Zuckerberg. After the birth of his daughter, he decided to give in charity to 99%. his property – approx. $ 100 billion. In support of the charitable activities interfere in his marriage gates. Founder Microsofta with his wife twenty years ago founded the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation. Since then, like 5 years ago, bill refused a full day of work at Microsoft, working here. The organization seems to be $ 4 billion to fight tuberculosis, polio, and malaria field. For this undertaking poverty reduction in developing countries.


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