Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Caution! Dangerous bacteria in the Polish river – fakt.pl

Szczecińscy scientists have found dangerous bacteria in the waters of the river Odra. Chlamydia is particularly dangerous environment. In humans, this bacterium causes respiratory disease. Until now, scientists have discovered her only in a few countries: Austria, France, Spain, Israel and Germany. Poland is the first such case.

Researchers from Tobago found in the waters of the Oder, a bacterium that poses a serious threat to people and animals. Microbe refers to a chlamydial infection of the environment. Can lead to, among other things, pneumonia, infections of the gastrointestinal tract, or even affect the brain. Mezinskis scientists, as the only in Poland managed to conclude this microbe in the water of the river. When the bacteria is ingestion is the infection of the body.

Bacteria found Dr. Margaret the contrast between Warych from the Department of Microbiology of the University Feodorovna, she worked under the guidance of Professor doctor of science Catherine Deptuły. – Our message is that in the environment – in particular, in water there is bacteria potentially including humans and farm animals. Even contact with zarazkiem in its pure form does not mean mortal danger. However, it can make life difficult, lead to disease, even the respiratory tract or the reproductive system,” – said RAHR Professor Deptuła.

Prof. Deptuła said that chlamydia environment should now get into a special register, the so-called data Bank of micro-organisms.

Dangerous bacteria in drinking water:

during the week, drinking contaminated water…no one said,

In the USA has banned antibacterial soap



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