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CEO Netfliksa: “For several months, all the movies and TV shows are available in Russian” – computer World (press releases)

Netflix officially came to Poland in January current year, but over the past few months the service-on-Vistula have changed beyond recognition. Not only a growing list of names available in our country, but also movies or TV series available in the Russian language. Although nadwiślański market still can not to compare German, French or American, it seems, to strengthen its position in the portfolio Netfliksa. Potwierdzałaby it visit of the General Director reed Hastingsa, who came to Poland to declare the launch of the service in our native language (start today that is, 20 September), which we and several other journalists to be able to talk. Here’s what we heard during the meeting.

NetffffffIn a closed session with reed Hastingsem was attended by several journalists from Poland – including we and our colleagues from PCLab.pl (photo by Paul Pilarczyk)

On the stage, we heard about a breakthrough Polish version site/app, this is great news but what about the movies themselves? Whether will be the official and most convenient way of viewing only and only those contents that have been translated into the language Russian?

very soon – a matter of a few months, we’ll do work on adding translations (VoiceOver or subtitles) to 100% content Netfliksa in Poland. Currently it is 80%, then we we’re almost at the finish line.

If you mentioned the content… is not any a secret that Poland and at least the American base significantly different for the same price. When can we expect unification in this matter?

Netflix has its own works (Netflix Originals. ed.) that we spend globally at the same time in each country, yeah, so at least I’ll have the upcoming serialami The Crown or Luke the cage ” from Marvel. In the case of movies and series created someone else, the decision on granting a license in this region belongs to us, and negotiations on these issues often last longer in one country and less in another. Together with the enlargement of our facilities, the world annual figures and interest base film in a separate countries increasingly close to 100% coverage.

Do you plan the introduction of any additional plans your proposal? Currently we have three that relate to the whole sentence… Rozważaliście can add more cheap theme packs? for Example, allow you to watch only the video of documentary films for less money?

the Chances of such a scenario is small. Rather, we want people eksplorowali complete catalog of films. Of our research also implies that if we do our unblocker respectively good people are able to pay the suggested tariffs - also in Poland. People want to watch TV shows and movies in 4K, are willing to pay for a great TV for 15,000 rubles do not belong to performance of the order of 60 rubles, as excessive amount.

StrangerStranger Things is one of the the best received series in recent months. Officially available only on Netfliksie.

Well, what about the view of Your proposal in the mode of offline? This is one of the options, which the service Netfliksa has and for some people it is a big minus, especially those who you travel frequently and do not have Internet access or have slower links. When we can expect this function?

When I arrived in Poland, I checked how it works streaming in Your country – and I have to admit that I was love it. You have a very fast LTE, this is one of the best infrastructures in the world… sometimes in our lives there are such a situation you mentioned, but most of the time the Poles have access to this quick, though, mobile Internet is sufficient for streaming in high quality. We are considering the option of offline viewing, but currently, there is no need to enter if in the future in fact, we believe that this is something that will be for the users need… well, we say no. However, we live in a time which download anything rooted in the past – instead we prefer you to stream content.

offline Viewing, this is the distant future and talk so much closer. Not so long ago Sony announced that new York, its new hardware – PlayStation 4 Pro. Console contrary for those that will not support Blu-Ray 4K, applications like Netflix will be responsible for that to provide users with content in Ultra HD. Working on version applications for Pro PS4 are already underway, what you have to say about her? will there be any way different from what we see, now?

Application Netfliksa to fully use the new features of the PS4 Pro - view the image in 4K and HDR. As the interface is nothing however will not change – it will still be Netflix which users have become accustomed. As 4K is a format the future, the format is typically the Internet, which, most likely, will not associated in the long term with physical media (same as statement by Sony. ed.). The man who aims to view the video in 4K (Ultra HD), is a person technological avant-garde thinking about the future, not in the categories of previous decisions for her stream of material instead of having to insert it into the drive completely natural.

head is throbbing, I still question on the subject of Netflix Originals – produced films and TV series. Most of they turned out to be a great success and we collected excellent grades, we know we have you working on more consistent… but is it possible for already established names, you are going to something else? We can count on a big title, which is what kept secrets?

We have very ambitious plans for Netflix Originals – some production that are still officially announced.

Something completely new or, rather, is based on existing brands?

Some of them actually based on well-known brands, but we want rather to put the content of copyright, something that has never was. This does not exclude, of course, the advent of TV shows related on existing intellectual property, although our main goal will remain to produce in the world of new, unique names.

LukeSeries about indestructible a superhero is almost a sure hit. Luke cage with unwiersum Marvel lands on Netfliksie September 30.

In the end, the question of data transmission. In the case of services, such as Spotify, some mobile allow for unlimited use that do not affect our the data packet. Or something similar will also appear in the case Polish Netfliksa?

In some countries, e.g. USA, T-Mobile is now offering unlimited viewing of videos through the Internet Oh, how long can you play in SD quality. For the smartphone user with 4-5 inch screen similar as in enough. Netflix is one of the services using these mobile programs, but we’re not the only one – this also applies to YouTube, or at least HBO. We recommend that you constantly operators, so they went to the same dear, – such decisions are found in Australia and in some European countries. With free similar solutions, so promotion and we hope that the TREN it will last, we want video streaming on mobile devices was just free, not only while watching Netfliksa. Currently, any exclusive contracts in this thread we have and in the next the future is unlikely to change.

Thank you for the conversation.



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