Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pokemon GO will hit the Apple Watcha –

Pokemon GO for Apple Watch will not allow us to fight because of the arena or even catching creatures, what finally you will have to use a smartphone. Useful but deselecting pokestopów and hatching eggs, the device will be counted because the distance traveled by us. “Watches” version of the game will tell us about it in the area and Pokémon.

Smartwatchowe Pokemon are presented in during yesterday’s Apple conference in San Francisco. Creators praised on the occasion that the game has been downloaded over 500 million times, and the players have been together for over four and a half billion steps.

Is Pokemon Go will go on other devices smatrwatch? It is not known, but it would be more surprising if after some time the title of its debut, even on the Samsung Gear.

it is worth mentioning that this conference Apple also presented the first ever version of Super Mario, dedicated to mobile platforms, users of iOS.

Pokemon GO is a free game hits mobile, uses GPS and augmented reality technology. In a nutshell, the game forces us to a real walk, during which we catch randomly scattered across the map of our neighborhood “pocket monsters”. Title debuted two months ago and has already earn more than half a billion dollars.


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