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Four candidates for the chair of the TVP. The hype around the application of Jack Kurskiego – Virtual Russia

• “Republic”: the Station has filed an application to 20 minutes after the appointed time,
• member of the Board of the National Media wanted to cancel the contest for the post of TVP President
• For the third phase of the competition got four people

For the third stage of the competition for the new Chairman of the TVP were four people: Igor Station, Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy, Michael and Bogdan Skowroński Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Chairman of the Council of the National Media Michael Czabański.

during a meeting of the RMN took place the second stage of the competition for the new Chairman of TVP. Council members have identified, in particular, competence in the field of television, their experience.

Four people have been qualified for the third stage of the competition. With these people in the first decade of October, the Council held talks – said Czabański immediately after the completion of the second stage of the competition.

These persons, it – was said Czabański, the current President of TVP Jacek Station, TV Director Biełsat Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy, President of the Association of Polish Journalists Krzysztof Skowroński and Director Bogdan Tchaikovsky.

In the competition for the new Chairman of TVP had submitted 23 proposals, of which to the second stage, subject to formal conditions, more than 18 candidates.

the scandal of the competition

Gregory Podżorny, sit in the Council of National Media shoulder Kukiz’15, filed a petition for cancellation of the competition the Chairman of Polish Television. He claimed that 13 of the applications did not fulfill formal requirements.

“Despite this, it was decided by a vote in which four members of the National Media (K. Czabański, J. Lichocka, E. Raven, J. brown) decided on the admission to the second stage eight of the thirteen candidates who did not fulfill formal requirements,” – he wrote.

“the question Remains, on what legal basis, the aforementioned members of the Board of the National Media made the selection of candidates,” he adds.

the Statement Podżornego, said Czabański – left in the voting, as not gained the majority.

the Journalists were questioned Czabańskiego, in particular, about filmmaker Gregory brown, who in 2015. was officially convicted by a court for insulting a police officer. Meanwhile, the conditions of the contest implies that the candidate for the post of TVP President should be a person niekaraną verdict for committing an intentional crime of a public prosecution or a tax offense.

Because there were all sorts of feedback that this decision (about brown) the political, we didn’t want a political solution to put in this context, our limitations for Mr. brown. Therefore, he was qualified for the second stage of the competition, ” he said. In a second step, the assessment of his qualifications was the majority view of Council members is not enough to run for President TVP – Czabański said.

“the Republic” said Gleb Station, I placed the app 20 minutes after the expiry of the deadline set for September 15 at 16.00 h. the Newspaper, citing two witnesses, writes that the Station appeared in the Conveyor Department of the Chancellery of the Sejm directly to 16.00, for approx. 20 minutes kserował documents, and his assistant reported to him from outside the missing elements of the proposal.

these messages are treated Czabański. – We know nothing on this subject. The proposal was registered in the manner provided in the podawcze office of the Seimas, the date to which it was possible to do it, – said the Chairman of the Board.

- From our point of view everything is in order, he added.

the Contest should be settled by mid-October

the Third stage of the competition will be the interview of the candidates with the Council, in particular, about the vision of public television.

Czabański reported that the competition for the new chief of the TVP should be resolved by mid-October.

in Accordance with the decision of the RMN 2 August the current President of TVP Jacek Station should be removed from office from the date of completion of the competition for the new Director General of public television, but not later than 15 November of this year.


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