Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Billionaire Elon Musk presented a plan for the colonization of Mars –

Speaking at the conference of the International Congress hitting the spacebar in Guadalajara (Mexico), Musk said that his company SpaceX is working on rocket marsjańską able to take on Board at the same time 100 passengers and a large number of goods.

Stroke plan involves the construction of a large human colony on the red Planet’s surface. Musk stressed, however, that the crucial such a reduction in the cost of the project to its implementation was targeted.

“failed to create a sufficient civilisation, if it costs 10 billion dollars”, – said the eccentric billionaire. “Our goal is to reduce the cost to the price of an average home in the United States, that is about. 200 thousand dollars”, – he added.

Musk has acknowledged that the collection of appropriate funds for implementation of the plan of colonization of Mars is one of the most difficult tasks of the entire project. “I personally collect funds for this purpose, but, ultimately, it will be varied on a large scale, public-private,” he said.

the Billionaire said, in no uncertain terms that volunteers who apply for participation in its project, must reckon with loss of life. “The risk of death is great, it cannot be avoided. Essentially the question is – are you ready to die; if Yes, then you are a candidate for participation in the flight,” said Musk.

SpaceX is going to send the car załogowo commodity to Mars every 26 months when Earth and Mars will be in the most preferred position relative to each other. The billionaire hopes that he will be able to send the first humans to the Red Planet in 2024. For comparison, the Federal space Agency NASA expects the first manned flight to Mars OK. 10 years later.

Early because in 2018. SpaceX intends to send to Mars bezzałogową capsule, called the Red Dragon, in order to train your skills, procedures, and landing systems. NASA promised to support this mission.

SpaceX, which Musk was created in order to colonize Mars, is one of several companies, private and public, operating in this field.

a Manned mission to Mars, the surface of which is dominated by very difficult conditions (extreme temperatures, low gravity and very rozrzedzona atmosphere) will last 6 to 9 months and will be an extremely difficult task, not only in technological but also medical and psychological.


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