Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bolesławiec: man, it burned my esophagus with water “Element żywiec zdrój”. Police warn residents Virtual Russia

• In the hospital in bolesławiec got 31-year-old man with burns of the esophagus
• Police warn residents to not destroy this water
• press-the Secretary of the company for WP: water may be in stores across Poland
• she Added that “zgrzewka of water was originally Packed”
• the Company żywiec zdrój S. And withdrew from the sale the two parties

on Wednesday At around 23:00 police received a report from the hospital in bolesławiec that came to him a man with severe burns of the esophagus. He had swallowed water from two bottles “Element żywiec zdrój”, highly carbonated. Police zarekwirowała batch of water and notified the manufacturer. – It is unusual, at this moment, do not exclude the possibility that the water may be in stores across Poland. In zgrzewce were bottles of different days of production that should not happen, – said RG a press-the Secretary of the company żywiec zdrój S. A. Martin, Veggin..

we are Talking about spring water from the party, is identified by a number S 08/ 08/08/08:49/3/1 and S 20/04/11:04/3/1.

the man’s Father bought it in one of bolesławieckich warehouse. The water was zafoliowana fine. I pulled the first one out of the package, I would like to drink before bedtime. I took two big SIPS. I felt that it’s not water. I began to burn. Wyplułem all on the carpet. It was a sour, bad and aggressive, says TVN24 Eugene green, who drank the suspect water. The doctors say that his condition is good, burns of the esophagus. 31-year-old teenager threatening ulcers in the mouth and esophagus, and the wound was healing long.

- After receiving this information, immediately took measures for checking the sale at the point where water is purchased, the man was blocked. The whole party was assured. 31-year-old man was in the hospital, his life is not in danger. Warn the residents that the city could buy water baitfish, so it’s not destroyed, “she said in an interview with” Virtual Poland asp.PCs. Anna Kublik-Rościszewska with KPP in bolesławiec.

the Case deals only from Tobago, which controls the batch of water with greatly subordinate to him, she added Kublik-Rościszewska.

press Secretary żywiec zdrój S. A. for WP: zgrzewka was not originally Packed

As confirmed in an interview with ” Virtual Poland a press-the Secretary of żywiec zdrój S. A. Martin, Wangjin. the company reviews the bottling plant in Mirosławcu, which occurred a suspicious shipment of water. – We cooperate with the police and sanepidem in this matter. We provide all information about the production, the situation is unusual. At the moment we can not exclude that the water can be in the shops throughout Poland – explained.

- In zgrzewce were the products of different days of production, and it should not be. The bottle was 0.5 L. capacity Zgrzewka was not originally Packed, she added.


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