Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jabłuszkami glut. Will the new iPhone will save the sale of Apple? – Policy

iPhone 7 will go down in history, but hardly a revolutionary phone, or selling the best in history. It opens the era of smartphones Apple no standard headphone jack. Perhaps a sign of the times, and the other producers soon will follow in the footsteps of the Group managed by Tim Cook. However, such a change could rather discourage certain existing phone owners Apple to exchange them for a newer model. Especially that ordinary headphones will thus become useless.

Meanwhile, the iPhone remains Apple by far the most important product, corresponding to up to two thirds of turnover for the group. Worse iPhone sales in recent months led to weaker results immediately and Apple disappointed investors. Other devices Apple, moreover, they are not hits. iPad is not able to compensate for the losses, because the fascination with tablets passes. On the other hand, watch Apple Watch, the new model also presented yesterday, it’s still a niche product and will remain so for the time being. That’s why Apple introduces the new iPhone, though beyond removing the headphone jack of any revolution is not in him. Better camera and faster processor are standard improvements that rather storm the stores will not cause.

Apple knows that the most important so far for the markets company – Europe and North America – are already in his products very saturated, and many users do not he wants to replace them as often as you would like this group. Huge growth opportunities are indeed still in China, but the authorities there discourage more and more of its citizens to buy Apple products. Investors expect this giant breakthrough, a completely new, revolutionary solution, which as once the iPod, iPhone and iPad, amaze the world and cause euphoria among customers.

But this new hit is not and rather far will not. There is no visionary Steve Jobs. Tim Cook is a great manager, but Apple’s success has always been associated with groundbreaking ideas that then others follow. The company has accounts of more than 200 billion dollars of cash, so the future of worry for the time being does not have to. But you can not endlessly to earn billions of only cutting coupons from old ideas.

Prime Minister iPhone fell shortly after the European Commission decision ordering Apple to pay more than 13 billion back taxes in Ireland. “The Guardian” even urges readers not to buy the new iPhone, while Apple these taxes honestly do not pay, which, moreover, not likely, because the Americans have announced the fight in court. But such consumer boycotts are unlikely to be a serious threat to Apple because the majority of people simply got used to the fact that the wealthy use tax tricks and pays it no attention. Maybe it’s sad but it’s true. Apple has today rather not worry indignation customers for its practice, but rather their boredom. Because after that again to spend a few hundred dollars or euros, to get exactly the same?


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