Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pandas are no longer an endangered species – Republic

The decision to change the status of pandas taken during this year’s congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The reason for the change is recorded in the last decade 17 per cent increase in the population of the giant panda. In China, its natural place of occurrence, live in the wild already more than 1,800 individuals of this species.

writes on their website WWF Poland, is clear evidence that the combination of science, politics and the involvement of local communities is able to protect endangered species from extinction.

– For more than fifty years, the panda was, a global icon of nature conservation, and at the same time a symbol of the WWF. Knowing that panda is one step away from extinction has anyone who strives to effectively protect wild animals and their habitats – said Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF.

WWF highlighted in its report on pandas special contribution to China’s rescue this species. Long-term cooperation WWF with the government of this country, the involvement of the local community meant that the number of reserves, which were protected these animals has increased to 67, and they cover more than 2/3 of the area of ​​natural habitat of pandas.

While saving pandas raises legitimate joy and satisfaction, WWF points out that other species are still endangered dramatically About one step away from complete extinction, for example eastern gorilla, which is a species mercilessly smash poachers.

More on WWF Poland.


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