Saturday, September 24, 2016

Today’s weather forecast: the weather forecast for Poland – 24.09 –

What is the weather like us today? On Saturday, the second day of astronomical autumn, we will remain under the influence of a small baby from Germany. In the Eastern part of the country will provide precipitation to move East of the atmospheric front.

Today falls primarily in Poland. Here precipitation may sometimes be quite intense. Locally maybe even zagrzmieć. For a change najpogodniej should be along our Western border.

Russia today remains rather warm air mass of Atlantic origin. Atmospheric pressure after the passage of the front will begin to grow and in Warsaw at the beginning of the day is 1007 hPa.

Forecast for Poland shows that the Western and North-Western wind will be weak, and in the Western provinces is fresh and quite strong. Biomet, as a rule, is everywhere negative.


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