Friday, September 23, 2016

Chinese space station is out of control? Virtual Russia

Tiangong-1 the first module of the Chinese space station will fall to the Ground. Before the blow has to occur during the second half of next year – unfortunately, the representatives of the Chinese National Space Agency (CNAK) was not able to provide more information.

the First module of the Chinese space station, when a six-year stay in space will collide with the Earth in the second half of 2017. – reported Chinese news Agency Xianhuanet. However, as noted by the representatives of the authorities of the Chinese space Agency, most of the elements of the Tiangong-1 has to burn up during entry into earth’s atmosphere. The Chinese are assured that be to control the falling items rozpadającego of the vessel, and they will be informed about the potential dangers.

accurate Enough term for the entry of the Chinese space station, only heats past assumptions, talking about the loss of communication and control is probably damaged space station, Tiangong-1.

Tiangong-1, whose name translates as “heavenly peace”, was launched into orbit in September 2011. and, according to the government, the Chinese Agency, “fully implemented its tasks” and mission completed in March of this year. Space module, assigned tasks, he led two and a half years longer than originally thought.

In an interview with The Guardian, Harvard astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell said that the falling elements of the space station can weigh up to 100 kg, which can be enough to cause serious damage on earth. He also added that the debris should not cause large losses. Nevertheless, large parts of which will fall on the area with dense buildings can be cause serious damage.

– If we do not know when will fall, it also does not know where will fall, he added in an interview with McDowell

the same time in his Twitter said that if the engine Tiangong-1 work, should go to her zwodować in the South Pacific ocean.



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