Friday, September 16, 2016

Samsung it loses much of its value when issues Note 7 –

This year promises to be a turning point for the Samsung, who, after several years of decline, due to the flagship smartphone, Galaxy S7 has returned to increases. This attracted investors, who they gave the money in the Bank, but a bummer with phabletem Note 7 and his wybuchającymi batteries Korean giant may fall below expectations.

As can be seen from data provided by Factset, after the group announced the return program Note 7 lost 26 billion DOLLARS of its value. At Friday’s close the stock exchange in South Korea, Samsung shares fell 6.9%, however, these are slowly beginning to reflect, but analysts suggest that this is not the end of the exchange problems of the company. To the shops to get it was 2.5 million copies of the Note, and their replacement will cost the manufacturer 1.3 billion.

In the United States alone had already registered 70 cases of spontaneous combustion of the battery of the smartphone, and the US government even encouraged its citizens to stop using the phone until I get a new instance (the first batch will be available on September 19). In Poland, Samsung has introduced an option for the impatient and allows you to replace Note 7 on Galaxy S7 Edge, covering the difference in price in the form of vouchers, it is possible to implement in the salons of Samsung Brand Store.

moreover, on 20 September in South Korea, Samsung will update not specified Note 7 in such a way that introduces limit battery charging to 60% to protect the battery from overheating. Not confirmed yet, that the same procedure is waiting for the whole world, but you can expect that it will.



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