Friday, September 16, 2016

Forrester: by the end of 2021, the robots will capture 6 percent of the jobs in the USA

All because of spending cuts. Research company Forrester has published a new report which shows that by 2021, to 6% will decrease the number of jobs in American companies that the effect would be robots and all sorts of digital assistants. Analysts also point out that the possibility of changing job will be more and more decreasing, while the number of unemployed Americans could increase substantially.

Six percent of jobs in the case of the U.S. is a huge number of jobs.
In the report, Forrester says that the robots will have replaced people in many areas, especially in the departments of customer service, but also in logistics or transport. A great influence on the development of artificial intelligence. Most of the large companies of the it industry creates its own digital assistants, which should indirectly help us to organize our work, or to provide the information we require. Successfully work also in the role chatbotów.

Uber's self-driving car

Analysts from Forrester say that the problems can be taxi drivers and truck drivers. In the world established trend of creating mobile units, vehicles, and the development of this technique can be a real disaster for those professional groups. Because you can imagine that is ordered through us taxi is a computer controlled with GPS, leads us at the address, and we pay for everything with a credit card. For companies, the replacement of the driver’s AI is a big savings.

the Creators of the report argue that changes in the market will certainly bad for the US economy. Indicates that the unemployment rate is highly correlated with crime rates. Lack of employment will be set aside for bad attitudes. Policy currently do not have any idea on how to approach the problem, and many workers who could be replaced by robots, just do not have the skills to przebranżowić.


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