Thursday, September 29, 2016

BlackBerry gives up. Leaving the smartphone market. Will only brand

Blackberry issued a press release, from which it is clear that the company leaves the market of smartphones. Stops producing and designing. Which means that this alleged message? The stores will still be available for purchase the device with the BlackBerry logo, but they will have little in common with the canadian giant.

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In the middle of the… Alcatel

Media reported that twilight BlackBerry has already done, by the way, the model DTEK60. The device, which hit the market in summer actually slightly changed the design of Alcatelem Idol 4S.

Alcatel Idol 4Ssource: Alcatel

BlackBerry DTEK50Fig. BlackBerry

Both phones have identical features: 5.5-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of data.

“Jeżynki” on the shelves. But this is not the same

Blackberry Brand will not disappear from the smartphone market will produce, probably Alcatel . Owned by Chinese company TCL, which was in Poland, a factory for the production of television sets. It is difficult, however, to recognize that the device developed in Asia, will have a lot in common with the old “jeżynkami”.

Another giant on his knees

the Canadian company is not the first, which did not survive the confrontation with the Android and iOSem. The big two have mastered the 94 percent of the market displacing Nokia and its Symbian, Motorola and even Microsoft and its Windows Phone, which market share at the level of two percent was in principle a dead end. For customers and developers.

BlackBerry OS 10 only in version 10.3 has allowed consumers to download an application from Google Play store. Tools such as Google Allo on phones such as the Z10, however, does not work. In Canada gave in a report, so early in the year the decision was made to switch to an Android. As you can see, has not helped it in persuading consumers.


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