Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pay attention to swindlers who sell relics – Virtual Russia

• One of the foreign Internet-portals dedicated auction offers fake power
• the Scammers offer for 2.5 million dollars blood relic of St. Faustina
• Give even a certificate of authenticity signed card. Metropolitan cardinal Stanislaw Jewish, writes “Nasha Gazeta”

No relics are never for sale, Canon law prohibits the trade in relics, ” she said, daily a press-the Secretary a press-the congregation of the Sisters of our lady of Mercy sec. Elizabeth Sepak.

- no One has and can not have relics of the blood of St. Sister Faustina, who in the end died in 1905. as a humble nun – zżyma. He also stressed that only the Assembly has the relics of St. Sister Faustina. – The relics of the first and second levels are sent only for public worship in the churches and pastoral centers, ” explains sec. Elizabeth.

Sister about selling the alleged relics via the Internet announced the Krakow kurię. – The Assembly will take all measures to fake relics does not spread via the Internet, writes “Nasha Gazeta”.


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