Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Innovative chair Lexus – Kinetic Seat – Interia

At the Paris motor show 2016 will debut a revolutionary concept grid design seat Lexus Seat Kinetic, redefining their basic functional characteristics.


Frame chairs opleciona is based on the measurement grid

the Human spine is physiologically adapted to stabilize the head position. Allowing for the rotation of the hips and the chest in opposite directions, keeping your head straight while walking or running.

Reacting to body pressure and external forces the movable design of the seat and backrest of the chair Seat Lexus Kinetic amenable to this type skrętom torso. Thus, the chair limits changes in head position caused by the movement of the vehicle, resulting in maintained a constant field of view. Experience reduces discomfort and promotes ease of doing and ride comfort.

the Frame of the chair opleciona is based on the measurement grid with promienistymi fibers rozchodzącymi from the middle of the back. The mesh is flexible enough that it strictly fits the shape of the body, the pressure is distributed evenly, providing convenience during long trips.

the Middle of the back at the blade, which facilitates rotational motion of the thorax relative to the axis of rotation of the seat. Due to this, the head position remains stable, as the hull is perfectly preserved. An additional advantage is the thinner profile seat, reducing the weight of the car.

the Back is braided using wzorowanego on the thread of a spider silky synthetic fibers which unlike conventional polymer synthetic fibers is friendly to the environment. Its main component is the protein obtained in the process of bacterial fermentation, which then connects into yarn and processed in an innovative material with excellent cushioning properties (elongation).

Conceptual Kinetic chair Seat will have its premiere during a Visit to Paris 2016.


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