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When is a Google? Today is the last 18 years! Much has changed – look – Gazeta.pl

When was Google created? Today marks 18 years since this moment - the company was established on 27 February 1998. On the occasion of “adulthood” has prepared the jubilee Google Doodle.

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Google in 1998photo web.archive.org

the Birth of PageRank

If uprzeć Google can be considered a little more old company. In the end, Larry page and Sergey Brin work on the heart of their search engine algorithm Page Rank – began during the study. The first version of this tool that is changing the world of technology was created 20 years ago in 1996. Originally called “BackRub”.

Google 2002photo web.archive.org

problems with the name

Interesting story connected with the name of the search engine. If Larry page insisted, “used” (10 to the hundredth degree) can be, never we would have heard about the search. Sean Anderson, who collaborated with then Pagem bad heard the name and registered “google.com”. In addition to tem “googol.com” and so was already taken.

the Idea of Brina and Page’, and also became the basis for the functioning of the Internet. They decided that the cost of the web site, and, consequently, its position in the search results, they ask very specific parameters: the number of links on the page and the number of links that are referenced. The developers proceeded from the assumption that the richer and more cited if a web site is, the better it meets the criteria of the search engines.

Google 2013photo web.archive.org

From search engine to a giant that identifies trends

Google has developed unusually fast. In 2000 launched the first new feature: image search. That was just the introduction to what the company had become in subsequent years: combine different services. Google Maps, Earth, or the talk came nearly a decade after the founding of the company in 2005. Picasa Web (the progenitor of Google Photos) was launched in 2006. Nine years ago, life was created by Gmail, and eight years ago Chrome.

In 2008 began a new era in the history of Google – the world saw the first version of Android. “Przygarnięcie” Andy Rubin and his idea was madness. Today Android is the biggest mobile OS in the world, which is installed on millions of smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Google today

Alphabet, i.e. spółka  nadrzęDNA vs. GoogleFig. CNN

currently the Company has approximately. 57 thousand people and grew to an enormous size. Google “only” part of the family – a year ago it was announced the uprising Alphabetu . But page and Brin? Their plans diverge much more than 18 years ago, when it was created by Google. The company manufactures its own devices, plans to revolutionize the automotive industry, wants to ensure us a life without diseases. I wonder what it will bring another 18 years.


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