Thursday, September 29, 2016

Samsung warns: our washing machine might explode – Rzeczpospolita

we are Talking about washing machines produced in the period from March 2011 to April 2016 and only available in the us market and Australia.

Samsung says that the issue only applies to models that are loaded from the top, which during the washing of large amounts of items such as bed linen, comforters or large blankets – they can get into vibration and in rare cases lead to injury.

Owners of washing machines Samsung, can special Internet page whether their model is in the list of potentially dangerous washing machines.

Us media reported that in the USA there have been 21 such incidents since the beginning of last year. Three people decided on the claims, mainly because of damage to the premises holes in sanach but danger to life.

In early September, Samsung Electronics announced that it is Recalling from the sale of smartphones Galaxy Note 7, as some caught fire or exploded while charging. The company has prepared the equipment fillers for clients who have purchased a defective model.

the Galaxy Note 7 will disappear from store shelves in 10 countries, including South Korea and the United States.

Galaxy Note 7 will not be replaced from China. Samsung announced that the devices sold in this country are used the batteries from another manufacturer.

Information about product yield appeared only two weeks after the market by Samsung its new flagship smartphone.

Some clients complained that while charging their phones, caught fire or exploded. Samsung has confirmed 35 cases in South Korea and abroad.

for several weeks, users of smartphones zamieszczali in social networks photos and video to Galaxy Note 7; some of the machines were completely burned. Internet users claimed that their phones suddenly caught fire.

as a result of internal audits, the company has determined that the cause was the faulty batteries made by one of the two suppliers, – said the representative of Samsung To Dong Jin at a press conference. He refused to specify the name of the manufacturer.


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