Wednesday, September 21, 2016

China lost control of his space station? In 2017, her wreckage could fall on the ground

Tiangong-1 (also known as “Heavenly Palace”) is a Chinese space ship that through the local media called the first Chinese space station. The module, which was placed in orbit in 2011, for Public authorities the Centre was supposed to be the embodiment of the dream of space exploration.

During the five-year career" station Tiangong-1 has participated in three missions of the spacecraft. In November 2011 przycumował to her unmanned spacecraft Shenzhou 8. A year later the manned spacecraft Shenzhou 9, and in 2013 – Shenzhou 10.

Days “Heavenly Palace” were numbered. Last week, Chinese authorities confirmed that the unmanned module “has completely fulfilled its historic mission” and re-enters the atmosphere in 2017.

“From our calculations, and analysis shows that most of the elements of space laboratory will burn during the fall,” – emphasizes Vice-President of the Chinese office of a manned mission, Wu Ping, was quoted by Xinhua news Agency.

Wu Ping said that the return of the station to the ground should not be a threat. The Chinese authorities constantly monitor the current situation Tiangong-1 and will send a warning if the vehicle were to encounter one of the satellites.

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This statement to some extent confirms earlier media reports that you suggested the Chinese authorities have completely lost control of his spaceship, and the controlled bringing it from orbit would be impossible.

Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at Harvard University, in an interview with “Guardianem” emphasizes that uncontrolled deorbitacja “Heavenly Palace” associated with some risk. For it is impossible to determine where to land these fragments of the ship, which will burn during re-entry.

“These verses it is impossible to manage,” says McDowell. “If we do not know when will fall to the ground, we do not know where will fall,” he added.

according to McDowella some items separately from the “Celestial Palace”, can weigh up to 100 kg. is to hope that if they survive a meeting with the atmosphere they would be at the bottom of the ocean, not on populated territory.

Source: “The Guardian”,


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