Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This may be the best app for planning travel. But Google Trips a little more not enough – Virtual Russia

now Google Trips is a very useful app. However, it has much more potential.

Google Trips brings together all the necessary data associated with travel in one place. The application is trivial to use. The main menu is divided into categories such as booking, tours, food and drinks, as well as the saved. It makes it easy to find the place (where we’re going or where we currently are) that we should visit. It will be museums, theatres, but also parks or attractions in the style of the ZOO or the water parks. Trips also shows restaurants and pubs.

What’s important allocates space on such that you can go with the kids or showing those closest to us. We can also see the sights with a little further area. Of course Trips uses Google maps, and the entire database giant, so now finds many places to visit. We see hours of operation, contacts and comments of others.

, the Reservation is automatically taken from Gmail. It has its good side, because launching the app, immediately see your past and future trips, created based on hotel and air reservations. it is a Pity that Google doesn’t recognize Trips Railways tickets whether Polish bead to show me the previous days. Well, on the bus and train don’t count.

Google Trips you will like for the save function the route. If you are planning a trip to the place where you will not have Internet access, so you can view previously saved landmarks. Suppose that we are going to Gdansk to find a date, places you want to visit pubs in which we intend to join (reservation, you need not have taken myself:). It is enough to load the travel plan and you can use it even when offline.

the Disadvantage is no Polish language version. Fortunately, Google Trips text is small, and maintenance is simple. More annoying… untapped potential. Consent, the application will be very useful thanks to the save function of travel. However, asking for the addition of information about public transport. In the end, Google wants to make Trips in one app all other programs associated with travel, however, such can sleep peacefully. From the point of view of developers is good news, but for lovers of comfort and all-in-one user – slightly worse.

however, this does Not change the fact that I find the idea of Trips with Google to use. The app is available on Android and iOS.



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