Wednesday, September 28, 2016

People on Mars? “Musk really wants to do it,” – TVN Meteo

Billionaire Elon Musk unveiled on Tuesday a plan for the colonization of Mars, which involves the construction of a massive rocket, equipped with the interval załogowo commodity is able to transport a large number of people and a large number of items to colonize the red Planet.

How it will look in flight?

- If words on the flight to Mars, said Elon Musk, I buy it. This is the guy who taught the rockets to come back from space to earth, and, in addition, to land them on bujającej ocean barge. Is the first entrepreneur who sends a private spacecraft with supplies to the space station. I know he has great determination and monstrously ambitious. He really wants to do it, ” says Wójcicki.

according to the guest TVN24 BiS rocket designed for interplanetary transportation, will be greater than the rocket Saturn 5, which was men on the moon in 1969.

the Construction of such a missile is a terribly expensive thing. If these flights must be available, cheap and reproducible, the missile cannot be broken. So now training is on small rockets, the Falcon 9, ” he explains.

the missile with a length of 120 m has to be the first spacecraft, the so-called Parking orbit. Just 20 minutes after launch, the rocket will she be returned to Earth. – Then fuel a rocket fuel in its tip placing a second spaceship filled with people and supplies, which flies and in addition to the fuel in this first model ship in orbit. Then this vehicle will journey to Mars – describes Wójcicki.

Spacecraft, manned must be used for “OK”. 12 flights to Mars and back. Ship fuel to be used, even a hundred times. And the rocket needs to be used for more than a thousand flights. And this is the secret of flight, Elon musk. They can become so cheap that they will do – said Wójcicki.

a Colony on Mars

Strokes the Plan involves the construction of a large human colony on the red Planet’s surface. His company SpaceX is going to send the car załogowo commodity to Mars every 26 months when Earth and Mars will be in the most preferred position relative to each other. The billionaire hopes that he will be able to send the first humans to the Red Planet in 2024. For comparison, the Federal space Agency NASA expects the first manned flight to Mars OK. 10 years later.


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