Saturday, September 17, 2016

Samsung will begin selling Galaxy Note 7 –

press Secretary of the concern Samsung Electronics said the decision to resume sales in other countries will depend on the situation in the local markets. In early October, the smartphone should be available for purchase in Australia.

the Reason for leaving the Galaxy Note 7, which debuted in early August, the accident rate of the battery. It happens that during charging of the battery light up or explode. In the United States recorded 92 cases. Yesterday, the local Commission for Consumer Safety encouraged users to return or exchange purchased smartphones. Can walk to a million pieces.

Samsung revealed that it sold about 2.5 million defective phones. In Poland the model was available in pre-sale from 16 to 30 August.

Analysts estimate that the issues of concern with the Galaxy Note 7 nadszarpnęły not only the company reputation but also a small income of up to $ 5 billion.


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