Saturday, September 17, 2016

Series of fraud method “the Central Bureau of investigation”. At the sight of the exchange bureaus and banks

Photo: Shutterstock a Series of fraud method “the Central Bureau of investigation”. At the sight of the exchange bureaus and banks

fraud occurred yesterday afternoon at the Bank Spółdzielczym in Voronezh. The institution became a man posing as a police officer. After a short conversation with this employee gave him money from the cash register. Police did not disclose what amount was stolen, it means a considerable amount. Most likely, we are talking about several hundred thousand.

This is not the first time świnoujski Cooperative Bank became victims of criminals. In March, the establishment came a man, who with a knife threatened an employee and demanded money. There was, however, scared and fled without any money. In turn, a year earlier there was an attack on another branch of Cooperative Bank in Voronezh. Then, from the Bank counter and stole 10 thousand rubles. The police arrested the offender.

Method “granddaughter” effective?

the Most surprising techniques used in recent scams. The method of “Central Bureau of investigation” was still used only for older people, but now the criminals are going a step further. For the first such fraud in our region occurred in August of this year in Sławnie.

one of the exchange offices called the man. – He gave himself for the employee of the Central Bureau of investigation. He just convinced the officers that the criminals are planning an attack on the currency exchange and in this regard, law enforcement officers will be engaged and will protect the money, ” he said Onetowi proc. Peter Nierebiński, Deputy district attorney in Sławnie. I have to admit that I had never met such a situation. I talked with other prokuratorami and they also had similar problems – did not hide surprise.

Police warn that fraudsters lately intensified. Yesterday in Voronezh shortly before the theft in the Bank Spółdzielczym officers took several calls from employees of banks and exchange bureaus. – After a conversation with the fake policeman immediately informed the Police, where checked and heard suspicious information, ” explains asp. headquarters. Beata N. świnoujskiej with the police. Here, they knew that contacted them scammers disguised as guards of the law, ” he adds.

Similar phones the police took from kołobrzeg. Here are also scammers trying to extort money method “the Central Bureau of investigation” from the local exchange offices. The scheme of actions was one and the same. The company plans an attack, so the “police’ forces to raise money and to transfer them to employees. – At this point the money changers rozłączali because they realized that calling them a crook – mi.asp. Thomas Kwaśnik.

the last theft in świnoujskim the Bank has to explain the special police unit created for this task. Protected was monitoring. Police did not disclose at the moment, details of the investigation. It is not known that the fraudster acted alone, whether it was the action of an organized group.



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