Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In visions Elon musk a lot wyrachowanego PR, but so good that there is someone like him – Pay’s Web

Musk has done it again! It’s Iron Man! Who else would want to send people to Mars! PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity, and Space X, Mars is now – it should work!

Yes, we all watched the evening show Elon musk and we are thrilled. In the end the farmer wants to save humanity and have a plan ready. Skolonizujemy Mars ” cried the eccentric billionaire, and then showed impressive video showing the modeling of giant enterprises.

I Admit, I am very happy. Like any full-blooded geek, I love such bold ideas. Fly to Mars already – here and now!

” okay, now let’s look at the truth – it is unreal. And, of course, not 5 years. After 20 years, also probably not. I doubt the first Landlord put his foot on Mars in this century.

vision of the Move looks logical and viable, right?

so, what Elon thinks of a few small risks. Such people. For example, the fact that the radiation will not allow anyone to survive in space for so long.

Mars 135 times farther than the Moon. This is 54 million kilometers away. The revolutionary idea of Progress assumes that we will travel to the red planet is no more than 80 days. We do not have the technology that obroniłaby us from radiation during such a long and long journey.

Suppose even that as something to overcome this disadvantage and, yet, on Mars we land.

Remember that do not dominate on this planet too good for people. Musk speaks about the insulation of the atmosphere of Mars. It would not hurt, because compared to earth’s much rozrzedzona – OK 0.7 percent. our atmosphere. Terraformowanie, that is, the change of Mars pattern on the Ground seems to be required. The question how to do it remains, however, quite spread out.

something else to build a rocket, collect it people and to land them on Mars, and something else to prepare the planet to be inhabited, at least at the appropriate to us the gravity (the gravity of Mars is 3 times less than on Earth). It’s not enough that we do not have even an idea for a technology that could be used terraformowania Mars, in addition, it is difficult to imagine that this process continued for several years, not centuries.

But it’s not all issues with these banal, sorry przymarsjańskich.

How to carry enough food, water and air to not only survive the journey, but the first stage kolonizacyjny? What we should start, right? Musk says about a million people przerzuconych on Mars for several years. However, it is worth asking how it survives the first 80 people.

Elon Musk, it seems, likes to compare it in the form of Iron man.

this few days zarostem face, just like yesterday, even for the actor playing the character of Iron man, Robert Downey Jr., similar. And the similarities don’t end there, as in the movies Tony stark is a businessman who trades with the United States government, in reality, works the same way Elon Musk. And since in movies for Tony stark technology, Iron man is, in essence, trick, PR-owa in order to maintain the reputation of a mad billionaire, seems to work for Elon Musk.

from the Mask Space X is currently the biggest player in the space business. For several years his company sells is great because it costs almost $ 2 billion contract with NASA for the flights with the delivery of cargo to the International Space Station. Talking about Mars, spreading visions of amazing technology on which Space X, Musk is courting that his company remained the hottest face in the business. Moreover, their ambitious plans to win a share of guaranteed prize pool with Muskiem billions of space not hide the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos with his Blue Origin project.

read More here so wyrachowanego PR than the real Mars.

Despite this, it is good that someone like Musk. There is something so charismatic that his vision gladly pick up others who are trying to implement them. For example, with the project’s super-fast Hyperloop transport. When Musk was presented as a concept, seemed unreal. A few years later, people around the world has created a simulation of a trip to hyperloopami.

Who knows, maybe the same will happen with the vision of the colonization of Mars.


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