Thursday, September 29, 2016

Google Pixel and other new things from Google are not officially available in Russia – Russia Virtual

Forward at the October conference Google, which presents novelties of the company? From the Polish point of view, will be of little interest, because the new devices with smartphones Google Pixel on the cutting edge, we officially do not buy.

According to rumors and leaks, Google 4. Oct has will announce two new smartphones: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. It means the beginning of a new series, and at the same time parting with the Nexus brand. Thus Google shows that he creates his device (previous was made in cooperation with other entities). At the conference we got to see more of, in particular, the Pixel laptop 3, WiFi router, Google Chromecast or 4K. Unfortunately, these products in Poland is not officially buy. At least until.

the Reason for this is, most likely, no Polish version of the Google Store. Is the online store with which Google recently launched – we find there the device giant and partners. By accessing the site, and we will see this message: "the Google Store, there is still available. We want as soon as possible to introduce it in more countries." Interestingly, we can view the American version of the site, which is available in Russian language.

One thing is clear – we have nothing to be sorry about. Premiere phone the Google Pixel important not only because it is new hardware from Google. It is on this phone will we see the latest Android version, marked German 7.1. The system therefore us news.

I Think that someone will decide to buy the equipment less formal way, bringing it from overseas stores. Download free your phone to your own it may be, however, more expensive.



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